Tapwow and Identiv partner to deliver enhanced smart packaging and IoT solutions

AIPIA member Tapwow, which provides cloud-based IoT software solutions, has announced a new strategic partnership with fellow member Identiv, which specializes in digital security and identification in the Internet of Things (IoT). The result, they say, is a set of comprehensive IoT solutions for smart packaging, including customer engagement, authentication, product diversion and traceability.

Tapwow’s DIRX2 smart packaging and connected products platform will now enable Identiv to accelerate their tag management, content delivery and analytics solutions, says Tapwow. With support for NFC, QR codes and sensors in the same platform, brands will now have the choice of which technology is best for their particular applications. DIRX2 allows customers to batch and re-batch tags by product, region, SKU, or other criteria and change content even after tags or markers are already in market...


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