Anti-Counterfeit technology applied for market intelligence

New AIPIA member Microtrace has patent-pending technology which integrates with FMCG smart-device consumable systems to identify genuine consumables from low cost generics, private label or counterfeit alternatives and provide real-time consumer behaviour data, plus actionable market intelligence, it says. To determine whether genuine or unlicensed consumables are being used with the smart-device, authentic products are identified using the company’s two-part key authentication, consisting of a taggant signature and/or optical pattern such as a barcode.

By integrating simple, low-cost sensors and Microtrace’s proprietary Alerion™ Classification technology within an internet of things (IoT) smart device, as well as unique item level identification, users can accurately identify both genuine and competitive consumables without a real-time internet connection. In addition this combination gives companies real-time market intelligence on an individual consumer basis. Microtrace says it is helping companies with front-end, brand loyalty, plus actionable market intelligence. The technology is cost effective on both unit and device levels, it claims, making it ideal for low-cost, high-volume FMCG consumer applications. A good example would be a branded consumable such as razorblades, where an IoT box is used to dispense them.  The Brand sells the IoT box at or near cost to achieve a large installation base and protects the market for its quality, higher margin consumable, as the box can identify the authorized product and collects real time data on the product.  

The consumer behavior visibility it provides to Brands allows targeted marketing and awareness of market share changes for genuine and competing products. Brands are able to use their smart-device to predict when consumable products are running low, enabling them to offer convenient refills and/or auto replenishment.

“This technology provides companies pinpoint accuracy of consumable use. In addition, Microtrace helps individual organizations take control of the market by gaining insights on market share and consumer behavior,” explains Brian Brogger, president of Microtrace.

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