CoreRFID has over 15 years of experience in putting RFID, NFC and related technologies to work in practical applications for industrial, commercial, medical and public sector organisations.

We create solutions for industries and solutions for specific application areas using the most relevant RFID and NFC technologies, low frequency, high frequency or UHF. You can see examples of some in our RFID and NFC solution case studies.

Our solutions help organisations to identify assets, assign them to jobs, track them in use and then audit their use. RFID and NFC can be used to automatically identify a wide range of different items, helping organisations to create their own "internet of things".

We've developed a four level architecture for our business focused approach to providing systems and solutions.

By using RFID and NFC, businesses can increase efficiency in processes, improve safety, automate regulatory reporting or improve the service to customers.

CoreRFID consults, develops, implements and supports RFID and NFC solutions that meet the needs of industries such as Aviation & Public Transport, Construction & Building Services, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Facilities Management, Maintenance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Leisure & Entertainment, Farming & Animal Care and Local Government.

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