YPB Technology (Beijing) Limited

YPB Technology (Beijing) Limited

YPB is a provider of covert brand protection and security systems for Brand Owners, OEM’s and government agencies. Our customer solutions combine unique anti-counterfeit technologies delivered in cost effective and easy to use forms wrapped with an effective monitoring framework to help brand owners, their supply chains and consumers deal with the rising tide of counterfeit, pirated and non compliant products.

The Market

The costs and damage caused by counterfeit, pirated and non-compliant products are diverse, affecting all stakeholders in their various different supply chains. Consumer awareness is growing alongside government and industry demand for more effective solutions to address the following costs and risks:

  1. Corporates – Direct financial loss, damage to brand and reputation, and loss of investment for manufacturers and their supply chains
  2. Consumers – compromised health and safety causing sickness, accident and death, sub-standard product performance and invalidation of warranties.
  3. Government – Reduced tax revenues and hence budget expenditures, corruption and reduction in regulatory integrity and effectiveness
  4. Geo-Socio-economic – Job losses, environmental damage, growth in organized crime and reductions in foreign trade and investment

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