The “packaging and wrapping” idea was born more than a century ago, slowly evolving in the years,
always holding the idea of a “more accurate and efficient way to deliver products".

The root of “Paper Display System (in-store promotional tool)” was born in 1972. Currently, this
root grew into branches and leaves which covers fields of “promotion.”

In 2014, to blow a new wind into the world that “delivers products,”
our Just fit BOX was launched.

While these three businesses intertwine with eath other,
additional combination of consumer business and overseas business,
creates TANAX’ strong and unique solutions.

Although the three businesses may differentiate in many ways,
the root of all feelings portray a simple mindset,
“To deliver the hearts of the clients to society.”

In order to make this a reality,
we perceive every change that occurs in society on a daily basis,
creating a new future, maintaining growth and revolution,
and to propose the best solution that matches all conditions to society.

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