Connected Packaging - Labels and the Internet of Things: Offer to AIPIA Members

Connected Packaging - Labels and the Internet of Things: Offer to AIPIA Members

Vandagraf International has produced a new report covering Connected Packaging – Labels and the Internet of Things. This techno-economic report is co-authored by James Bevan, a chartered engineer with over 35 years of experience in the packaging sector and branded products and Brian Weeks, a specialist in electronic devices such as NFC, RFID and printed electronics.

Multi-functionality is the Key – IoT Sensor Platforms: The primary focus of the Report is how the Retail Internet of Things (IoT) is driving interactivity at various levels – and the interesting & valuable applications that are available in relation to Connected Packaging / Labels, including the following functionalities:

  •  Consumer Engagement & Mobile Marketing on a number of levels
  •  The Retail Internet of Things (IoT)
  •  Track & Trace / Mass Serialisation
  •  Retail Inventory Management – (UHF)
  •  Brand Protection & Product Authentication (incl. registration of product guarantee at POS)
  •  Tamper Evidence
  •  EAS – Anti Theft

AIPIA has been able to secure a 15% discount for members wishing to buy this report.

The special price of €3570.00 (normally €4200.00) can ONLY be obtained if you order through AIPIA (mail to


Some Report Details:
The authors contend a major ‘tipping point’ in viability for this technology is coming, driven by:

1. Connected Packaging / Labels with unique IDs which provide direct ‘Gateways’ to the Internet offering big potential benefits for brands

2. Printed electronics is set to bring huge changes across the industry

3. Dual frequency ‘combi’ inlays (NFC + UHF) – with both short and long range capabilities - Increasing the number offunctionalities that can be achieved with a single on-label ‘radio-electronic’ device.

There are several reasons for this change of outlook, and the new report foresees the opening of a Pandora’s box of multiple value-added functionalities and benefits for brand owners. These include:

·         The reality of lower unit cost inlays – by an order of magnitude – due to the commercialization of plastic electronics for on-label/pack radio/electronic inlays.

·          The commercialization of dual frequency ‘combi’ inlays (NFC + UHF), which enable inlays to be read at both short and long range, dramatically increasing the functionalities of a single on-label device. Such inlays will need to be readable by smart phones as well as dedicated mobile readers and tunnel readers.

·         The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) for labels and packaging in retail.

·         Greatly increasing sales volumes of connected devices will further drive down unit costs.

·         Mobile marketing and consumer engagement on a number of levels.

Multiple functionalities will bring multiple benefits for brand owners based on a single on-label/on-pack device, and this will be the cornerstone for a multi-billion dollar opportunities.