NEWS: The power of connected packaging


Zappar X Packaging Europe - the power of connected packaging. Connected packaging is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing business use-cases for AR. It offers a bounty of value possibilities to brands - capitalizing on the experience economy to drive sales, engage in meaningful conversations with their audience and capture valuable data. 

So we are swiftly approaching a tipping point that’s absolutely brimming with possibility. The excitement is well-founded, with forward-thinking brands fundamentally re-conceptualizing how they perceive packaging itself.

We’ve spoken before about the ‘unfulfilled potential’ of packaging that exists only as a passive object. AR has the power to transform ‘static’ packaging into a portal -  transporting users to an always-on, wholly owned digital channel that’s designed to inspire, reward and excite them via their smartphone. Whether it’s telling a sustainability story (without waste!), elevating an entertainment partnership with a highly sharable face-filter or encouraging repeat purchases with inspirational recipes - connected packaging is all about creating a near-endless digital space for high-quality branded content. Of course, with the advent of Zappar WebAR, these experiences are now more accessible than ever - from the mobile web browser to branded apps, building in convenience from the supermarket shelf to the user’s home.