Temperature and tampering technology for COVID-19 drugs

US companies - both longstanding AIPIA members - Chromatic Technologies and American Thermal Instruments, have partnered to donate free-of-charge new printable temperature, tampering and authentication technology to protect all new COVID-19 drugs.

As the world’s scientists rush to find vaccines and therapeutics to treat COVID-19, there’s another group of scientists who are working just as hard to protect the drugs and safely deliver them to patients and - - in addition - - fight counterfeiters, the companies explain.

“Once a COVID-19 vaccine is produced, it needs to be safely distributed throughout the world and must survive the risks of freezing, heat abuse, sun (UV) damage, tampering and counterfeiting.” said Lyle Small, CTI’s CEO.   “The world is throwing money at beating the coronavirus in a compressed timeline. This just amplifies the risk but CTI has simple solutions for all of these related efficacy challenges,” he added.

According to the World Health Organization, seven of the 10 top-selling drugs in the world are damaged by freezing temperatures, including vaccines for influenza and pneumonia.

“ATI is already working with dozens of pharmaceutical companies and we are diligently launching this program to support all of their COVID-19 R&D and launch efforts,” said Randall Lane, CEO of ATI.

CTI and ATI’s goals are to protect at least 100 million units of drugs being distributed to health care officials. The CTI donation has an equivalent value of US$5 million. Pharmaceutical companies can request samples or place orders via CTI Inks.

CTI claims to be the world’s largest supplier of smart, specialty, colour-changing technology that responds to temperature, light and pressure, exporting to 55 countries. American Thermal Instruments produces custom temperature monitoring solutions for industries that require accurate and measurable systems including pharmaceutical, medical, food, beverage and industrial sectors.

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