Latest authentication platform offers easy implementation

The Summit Authentication Platform™ from Microtrace provides a reliable and easy to use method for organizations to ensure genuine products are moving through the supply chain - from manufacturing facilities to retail locations—including verifying consumables at point of use, says the company.

“It was important to create a comprehensive and extremely secure solution. The new platform can deliver unmatched accuracy and security, as well as be up and running quickly with simple implementation. It is top-of-the line security without the hassles of intricate supply chain implementation, which mean companies can stay focused on their business,” said Brian Brogger, President at Microtrace.

Accurate and secure authentication results are possible with the Summit Authentication Platform, which is optimized to include unique product identifiers, detection methods, artificial intelligence (AI)and cloud-based analysis and reporting, according to the company.

First, products leverage intelligent packaging and are identified with a unique marker, which can be a taggant signature printed on a security label, an encrypted barcode, or both for maximum security. As products move throughout the supply chain, a detection system is used to read the unique identifiers. Detection options include a mobile app, the app paired with a handheld spectrometer for greater security, or customized integration with detection added directly to an internet of things (IOT) device to verify branded consumables.

All data collected via detection from users in the field is processed using AI and cloud-based analytics. The result is real-time reporting that provides excellent insight on where and how products are being used throughout the supply chain, and by end consumers.

“In the years that we’ve been working with clients, we found there are challenges that kept coming up again and again. Most of these stem from a weak link in the implementation process—from inconsistent printing of an authentication marker to unreliable readers and analysis. Microtrace developed the  Platform as a tightly monitored closed system to eliminate these potential weaknesses, and deliver the most secure anti-counterfeit system possible,” said Brogger.

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