The SmartTrace STF Temperature Tracker is an easy online solution for monitoring temperature and location during distribution, ensuring the delivery of safer, fresher food. The SmartTrace tracker uses the mobile phone network to upload temperature and other data at repeated intervals. This stand-alone solution needs minimal setup and requires no hardware installation.

The device can transmit data from inside a typical refrigerated truck or trailer. When outside the range of a mobile tower, data is stored until a signal is found. Data from the device is uploaded at regular intervals to the internet and made accessible via the SmartTrace website. The Android/iOS App is coming soon.

Near-real-time alerts allow you to take corrective action before significant temperature abuse occurs. The Detailed Shipment Report provide evidence of temperature compliance and can be shared with receivers – as the goods arrive.

Performance reports can be used to monitor improvements in cold chain performance over time and meet e-record storage obligations.

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