Cyber Eau de Parfum features electronic label with sustainable message

LOOK LABS, a German studio, has launched CYBER Eau de Parfum (EDP), the first ever unisex fragrance with an illuminated label, embedded printed electronics and a sustainable message, it claims.

The studio’s goal is the development of high-quality and innovative products in the beauty and lifestyle industry.  They focus on combining traditional craftsmanship with new disruptive technologies and the founder’s passion for art, technology and sustainability.  The company was founded in 2020 in Düsseldorf, by Jordan Katzarov, a multi-award technologist and designer with over 15 years in the beauty technology industry.

The pioneering fragrance, aptly named CYBER, “was inspired by sci-fi movies and a world in which technology, AI and advanced scientific innovations are integrated parts of our daily lives”, says Katzarov.  More than just style, the perfume has substance and is environmentally focused.

When users press the power button on the label, the name CYBER lights up in red.  The universal recycling and earth symbols that blink remind them that they should protect the planet and be conscious of the environment. The label, cap and outer packaging are sustainable and the perfume bottle itself is refillable.

The printed electronic label, which is self-powered and uses OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology, is good for 500 interactions according to LOOK LABS. The battery and sensor are fully printed and, because it uses OLED, it is completely disposable in the waste stream, it says.

“It was a challenging journey to create a fragrance that combines gender-less, metallic, retro and futuristic elements all in one. We designed an astonishing product, both in terms of quality and components. We wanted our customers to completely rediscover the perfume experience with CYBER,” Katzarov explained.

The Italian designed bottle is made from ultra-light glass packaging is produced with an innovative glass forming technique. It is refillable and completely recyclable by waste separation, says the company. The shape of the bottles is specifically created to minimize glass weight and external volume, making the packaging light, easy to use, and carry in handbags or luggage.

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