Cranswick Convenience Foods

Cranswick Convenience Foods

Cranswick is unique. There, we’ve said it, but we can legitimately make the claim because our story is like no other. We started out in farming, nurturing the best pigs in the country with know how passed down through generations, and the company originally formed to produce pig feed - because to get the best out, you have to put the best in.

Although our beginnings were humble, our ambitions were not, and in the late 80’s Cranswick began the journey into food production, seeking to grow by moving into relatable business areas that complimented our agricultural roots and gave us one of the first genuine ‘farm to fork’ offerings.


Today, Cranswick is one of the largest food producers in Britain with products spanning retail shelves and restaurant menu's across the country and internationally. We continue to build a winning business by staying true to a simple ethos; authentically made British food, without compromise. We take the skills of artisans, and with a dedication to the crafts perfected over generations, make great, tasty food for everyone to enjoy. It may take a little longer, but as with all quality products, time is a key ingredient and an investment worth making.

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