Coverpan s.l.

Coverpan s.l.

Production of flexible packaging materials for the food industry:

- Paper reels with different laminations for being used in vertical or horizontal packing machines.
- Map films, laminated films, coated films, BOPP, etc.
- Lidding films
- Paper bags, window paper bags, laminated paper bags.
- Temperature resistant materials (films & bags)
- Bio bags, bio films.

COVERPAN is a company dedicated to the production of high quality flexible packaging for the food industry. Our mission is to help companies to identify the appropriate packaging for their products and supply them.

We offer high quality sustainable packaging tailored to the needs of our customers, with the goal of improving the presentation and preservation of their products. We understand packaging as an integral part of the product, not only because it protects and maintains its quality but also because it provides the first image of the product to the customer. We know that packaging is crucial for the success of any product and we work with our customers to find the best packaging solution for their needs.

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