CSP Technologies/Maxwell

CSP Technologies/Maxwell

Solving complex product protection challenges 

At CSP, we deliver innovative, high-quality product protection solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. 

Since 1964, CSP has been a global leader in custom product protection and consumer packaging.  We continually pioneer new technologies and designs that extend the life of our customers’ products, while enhancing the consumer’s experience. 

CSP customizes active product protection systems to:

  • extend shelf life
  • preserve stability
  • enhance user convenience
  • ensure highest standards of manufacturing quality 

CSP meets diverse demands across a range of industries—from pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to food, electronics, and consumer products.  Through decades of experience, we understand the real world challenges that our customers face.  We complement this unique insight with deep expertise in product protection, manufacturing, and automation, enabling CSP to tackle even the most complex design and manufacturing challenges with solutions that add value to our customers’ products. 

Activ-Polymer® Technology

Based on breakthrough science, our patented three-phase Activ-Polymer® technology enables a new class of plastic compounds that can be engineered to meet a range of product stability needs.

Activ-Polymer® technology provides the ability to control small molecule transport through the polymer. This enables CSP to engineer compounds with a variety of properties—from absorbing or emitting specific molecules to enabling electronic or ionic transport.

The technology offers tremendous manufacturing flexibility. Products can be extruded, injection molded or blow molded to meet virtually any form factor requirement.

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