Kavisha Multiprint Limited

Kavisha Multiprint Limited

Duplication of original product can create breach of customer trust placed, eventually leading to brand disloyalty and diminishing profits.

There is a need to protect your product against imitation / duplication / adulteration and pilferage, and establish product brand name / image, Kavisha's Patented 2-D Pilfer Proof stickers once applied on the product cannot be reused again, as it gets destroyed while removing from the products packaging like corrugated box or cartoon, polybag or any other surface, thereby establishing the genuineness of the originality of the product.

Kavisha guarantees a total safety against duplication with the genuine 2 Dimensional stickers, which are patented by Govt. of India on 5th March 1997. Besides this we also provide other sales promotion items like 2D Rulers,2D Bookmarkers, 2D keychains 3D POP in PVC, Acrylic, PS material from 4" by 6" to 50" by 100".

We can give 2Dimension Pilfer proof Stickers and Holograms, along with Automatic Dispensing Machine for products identification for thinner surfaces / wrapper of any products upper packaging.

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