Fujimori Kogyo co., ltd.

For more than 100 years, Fujimori Kogyo (ZACROS) has continued
to create new Value of Tsutsumu as a manufacturer of packaging, functional materials, and industrial materials. Many of the products we have launched have been the first of their kind in Japan. Our ability to bring new products into the world is due to the pioneering spirit that has been passed down as part of our corporate DNA. Our determination to look squarely at the different issues each of our customers faces and to resolve those issues, without being constrained by existing frameworks, is what creates new Value of Tsutsumu.

This has led many of our customers to our door whenever they have problems; saying “Where there is ZACROS, there is a way.” We are very proud of that.

Having recently celebrated our 100th anniversary, we now feel the need to evolve even further. Society is in the midst of massive change, with the development of artificial intelligence and information and communication technologies, and new social issues are emerging as a result. It is at this very time, when the issues that our customers
need to solve are also changing, that we must broaden our own perspectives and horizons so that we can respond to those issues in a speedy manner. Going forward, as we accelerate our transformation and evolution by strengthening our overseas operations and taking advantage of the synergies of industry-academia partnerships and collaborations with other industries, we hope to carve out a deep new history for ZACROS for its next 100 years.

To this end, we have already embarked on a number of unprecedented initiatives. All of the company’s divisions are pooling their insights to establish a business model that is not limited by the framework of a manufacturer and to create higher added value. Our goal is to help shape a more comfortable society, together with our customers. By being of service to society with our Kotozukuri (shaping ideas and stories) through Monozukuri (creating products and services), we will make people’s lives more comfortable and inspire new culture.

We are sure that this will not only propel us to CHIGAI beyond simple differentiation from our competitors, but also help us make a major leap in contributing to our customers.

We pledge that ZACROS, through the creation of the Value of Tsutsumu, will continue to be your best partner, as we stride forward toward our goals.

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