iDi Pac Limited

iDi Pac Limited

Packaging and Supply Chain Consultants.

iDi Pac is a leading provider of integrated packaging and Supply Chain solutions. Providing the joined up thinking, from Ideas, through to Development and Implementation, iDi Pac combines a wealth of expertise and experience to deliver innovative, yet practical product, packaging and Supply Chain solutions.

Our holistic and proactive business approach, flexible thinking, and expertise allows us to better understand our client’s businesses needs and unmet product requirements. By accurately defining the problem and articulating these requests, we are better able to provide a range of innovative tactical and strategic solutions.

The development processes we have adopted allow us to customise our approach to each specific project and to fully analyse, evaluate and test our ideas against the client brief. This ensures that we always provide the optimal solution; aligned your business, Supply Chain and product needs. Whether it reduces complexity and cost, adds a Novel supply or packaging solution our tested processes deliver.

With our professional Project Management capabilities and strategic planning, we can envision your desired future state. Transforming the “As Is” to the “To Be” state is a journey we will travel together. Through a pragmatic and effective use of resources; financial modeling, design, prototyping, pilot studies, test programmes etc we will deliver your future state.We deliver, Right First Time, every time!

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