Ispak Ambalaj

Ispak Ambalaj

Established in 1974 as an affiliation of Kibar Holding, ISPAK offers products and services to flexible packaging industry over 40 years of experience and its innovative and progressive team.

Producing packaging solutions for all kinds of processed food, candies, chocolate, milk and dairy products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cigarettes, beverages, home appliances, isolation industry, ISPAK is proudly serves to many major companies in our country and in the world, and continues to introduce many innovations to the industry.

Aiming to develop creative packaging solutions that create added value for our customers’ needs and expectations; our R&D team offers alternatives that boost the competitiveness of our customers in the market, comply with the optimum shelf life and food safety requirements, and provide cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

As a requirement of serving in food industry, our company implements ISO 9001:2008 quality system, ISO 22000, OHSAS-ISO 18001 and BRC IOP. We won the Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment, the second phase of TPM Awards.

ISPAK can perform rotogravure printing up to 10 colors in its printing machines and provides photocell printing up to 3 colors for the back side of the printing material. It also performs cold seal and lacquering applications as in-line. Printable materials include 9-60 micron aluminum foils, polymer films that can be used in gravure printing, Papers, Cardboard and Laminated materials. Using Lamination Machines, we can perform wet, solvent, non-solvent laminations in 2-3 and 4 layered with the help of web control systems according to the material used such as aluminum foil/polymer films, aluminum foil/Papers, Polymer films/Polymer films.

We can perform processes such as Primary Lacquering, Thermolacquering, Epoxy Lacquering; and wax coating, wax lamination for 9-250 micron Aluminum foils and laminated materials. In wax and hotmelt applications for single or multi layer structures, coating weight in grams can be measured during production with web coating weight measurement system.

Using the new extruder machine purchased in 2013, we produce isolation, refrigerator back foil, pe-laminated multi layer structures. We aim to increase our market share in food, beverage, cosmetics and domestic pet food sectors with our new die-cutting and doypack machines. With its valuable knowledge, systematic working principles and quality centered, dynamic and creative personnel, ISPAK continues working according to the “constant change” motto, never compromising its principles and quality policy.

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