Industrial Packaging Steel, plastic, and paper products used for bundling, shipping, and protecting transported goods.

Primary Products:

Steel and plastic strapping and related tools and equipmentPaper and plastic products that protect goods in transit. Metal jacketing and other insulation productsPlastic stretch film and related equipment

Acme Packaging Systems

As a fully integrated packaging source, Acme Packaging Systems is committed to meeting customers' industrial packaging needs. Acme can fulfill all strapping needs - plastic and steel strap, machines, tools, seals, parts and accessories.


ITW Angleboard manufactures protective packaging products for the perishable, metals, lumber and consumer goods industries. The products are manufactured from paper and/or plastic, formed into a rigid right angle and used to unitize, protect edges, aid in stacking pallets and reinforcing other packaging materials.

Mima Packaging Systems Europe

ITW Mima Packaging Systems is the European marketing division of ITW's Specialty Systems businesses, manufacturing fully automatic stretch wrapping machines in Finland, semi-automatic and automatic machines in France, manufacturing film in Belgium and Ireland, and ITW Mima Service, operating in Finland, France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

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