Danaflex is Russia's leading extruder, printer and converter of flexible and nano-enabled packaging. 

Danaflex was established in Kazan in 2001. Production of flexible packaging materials is the company’s primary focus. With market share of 12 percent, Danaflex is the largest producer of flexible packaging in Russia. In 2010 the company reported income from the sale of finished goods of 2.46 billion rubles and growth in income compared with 2009 of 11 percent.

Danaflex has developed and brought to market innovative types of packaging that have become leaders in their market segments and that have won awards from leading international and domestic competitions.

The company is developing its business with a strategy of flexible relations with clients, high-quality products, and technical and product innovation. Considering the latest trends in the packaging market and Danaflex’s development of proprietary technology for the production of barrier materials, the company has chosen the most promising areas for growth—nano-enabled high-barrier flexible packaging. Its advances include better barrier and physicomechanical properties and lower cost of goods.

Output from the RUSNANO-Danaflex joint project company is expected to replace imported materials in the domestic market. Danaflex-Nano will supply Russian and foreign customers, most of whom will be producers of packaged products.

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