CöLöRs is a specialised ink matching center offering a wide range of products from offset spot colors, metallic shades, fluorescent colors, U.V inks, varnishes and high end speciality inks.

Since its setup in 2003 under the technical guidance of Micro Inks which is now a part of the Huber Group – Germany, CöLöRs has been providing quality matchings and speciality products to printers in and around Mumbai.

It is also the first Ink Matching Center to be certified with the Quality Management System requirements of ISO 9001:2000. The quality system generated at our end ensure that batch by batch our inks meet the highest technical benchmarks and enrich your printing process. Each special shade is carefully matched and tested using the GretagMacbeth Spectrophotometer against the specific L*a*b values and density.

With the ever growing need of consistent quality and a standardised process required to achieve this quality, we at CöLöRs believe in constantly upgrading our resources to match International Standards and client satisfaction.

We at CöLöRs know that customer-driven quality and operational excellence are tenets to being an enterprising company. We want our work to be known for its accuracy, clarity, action, ability and timeliness.

It is our policy to maintain an effective quality assurance program, to provide products and services that exceed our customer’s requirements, as well as, conform to industry-accepted practices.
The quality of everything we make and do brings value to our customers and justifies their decision to do business with us.

We Strive to be consistent as consistency is the foundation of perfection.

We understand the value of continual improvement by setting goals and objectives throughout the organization to ensure that we are exceeding our customers expectations. CöLöRs includes precision machining and cutting edge technology combined with rigid, comprehensive calibration and testing procedures. These operations ensure that every ink produced conforms to the highest quality standards and applicable regulatory requirements. With commitment to competitive pricing, devotion to quality, superior customer service, and a reliable delivery of products strives to combine technologically, innovative products with the highest rate of reliability.

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