Initially inspired by the European plastic load carrier industry, Smartload has been offering high-quality plastic pallets and bulk containers since 2017.

 Driven by our vision for the future, Smartload has dreamed of creating a sustainable, circular economy that reduces unnecessary waste and increases supply chain efficiencies.

 We’ve been invested in environmental sustainability from the very beginning. We believe that in addition to taking personal responsibility for our waste as consumers, there is a massive opportunity to reduce waste throughout the supply chain.

 On our path to making this dream a reality we have taken the next step in our evolution by pioneering tracking technology enabled pallets.

 As a team of innovators and problem solvers with a passion for technology, we set out to solve crucial weaknesses in the current pallet pooling system.

 Smartload’s SmartPooling service heralds a new era for global supply chains, one where asset tracking enables a sharing economy of greater accuracy, efficiency and sustainability.

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