Our customers rely on the PROSOL´s industrial model, which is based on THREE GUIDING PRINCIPLES that guide all the company's processes and activities: safety, quality and cost.

PROSOL has made the largest investment in the sector in the last 20 years in Spain, with a strong positive impact for our stakeholders: Customers, Team, Suppliers, Society and Shareholders. They always find a way to progress and service.

Our ability for innovation and flexibility make the anticipation of the market challenges and opportunities possible for us. A leadership based on overcoming barriers and the constant search for the team efficiency and excellence enable us to offer the highest level of response and service.

Global Leadership: We believe in people who overcome barriers.
Competitive innovation: We find good solutions to the real needs.
Proactive flexibility: We are ahead of problems and opportunities, without any resistance to the change, just making things happen.
Team excellence: By improving each and every one of us, every day, we get to be more effective.

And above all, an eagerness to self-improvement that is transmitted to all members of the PROSOL team and that is the lever which allows the constant impulse.

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