EU Regulation on Food Contact Materials

EU Regulation on Food Contact Materials

AIPIA maintains contacts with the European Commission in Brussels on behalf of our members who make or use materials and substances which come into contact with food. A list of substances for which applications for authorisation have been received are currently under scrutiny by EFSA, the European Food Safety Agency, which will give its opinion on the safety of these substances for their use in an active or intelligent components.

If considered safe the Commission will consider authorising such substances. Once the first substances have been authorised, substances that are not authorised can no longer be placed on the market for use in active or intelligent components in contact with food.

If you have an interest in this area then please let us know, particularly if you have NOT submitted the substances you use in the manufacture or modification of your active or intelligent packaging materials for examination.

It is too late to affect the results of the first round of EFSA evaluations. But we attach the list of substances examined for your information.

Please note, it is the SUBSTANCE, under scrutiny, not the packaging film ( of course there are many food contact materials which are the subject of different regulatory controls ). If allowed this substance is permitted for use by any supplier, not just the one who submitted it for testing.


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