NEWS: Bringing the Walking Dead to Life!


A recent partnership between Mountain Dew and  TV channel AMC brought characters from the exceptionally popular show, The Walking Dead  to life…so to speak. Through an augmented reality app, consumers were able to experience some of the show’s most iconic zombie walkers in their own real-world environments and then share the interaction via social media.

Launched in September and culminating with the series’ 100th episode the nationwide campaign featured in-store and on-pack branding on more than 100 million Mountain Dew products. Using ‘The Walking Dead Encounter’ app, available on both iOS and Android devices, consumers were able to scan the front of the packaging to unlock walkers.

The campaign was under development for a year, beginning with Mountain Dew’s search for a perfect partner to bring the program to life. “Once AMC and ‘The Walking Dead’ was identified, each element of the partnership came to life, from designing the custom packaging to finding the right technology to create the augmented reality app,” explained Chauncey Hamlett, senior director of marketing at the company.

AR technology was developed by Trigger  with the objective of consumer engagement, rather than data capture for the brand owner. Hamlett explains, “We aimed to provide a fun and authentic experience to our fans and thus did not want to disrupt their experience with data capture.”

A total of 20 zombie walkers could be unlocked throughout the campaign, either by scanning the specially-marked packaging or scanning Mountain Dew commercials aired during episodes of “The Walking Dead.” Once the zombies were unlocked, the app would look for surfaces the walkers could stand on, and the user could turn them appropriately.